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The Dzama Guide to Montreal

Originally Written for Fuzednotions

Some of you may have noticed that on August 18th and 19th, both Jess and I (Justin) were absent from Fuzednotions. For those who didn’t notice: pfft thanks. Anyway, this was because we were in Montreal from the 18th to the 21st. We take the trip every year with a group of friends and it’s always a great time. So, for those that like to experience things vicariously or are looking for suggestions on what to do when you go to this amazing city – this blog is for you.

A scenic photo of the highway between North Bay and Ottawa7:00 in the morning and we are out of the Sault: stuffed in my Impala and with a coffee induced state of wakefulness.  All that stands between us and 2 full days in one of the greatest cities in Canada is almost 1000 km of road and about 13 hours – ok, when put that way it sounds pretty horrendous actually. However, like a beacon of light at the end of a tunnel, Burger World in North Bay provides a great halfway point between here and there while providing some amazing burgers as well. It’s also a good preparation for the absolute void that is the stretch between North Bay and Ottawa. Seriously, you see that picture? Nice right? Now look at it for 5 hours.

Dealing with Dinosaurs

Originally written for Fuzednotions

1. A derelict website usually plagued with old code, broken links/images, dated visuals, slow loading images, and distasteful use of animated gifs.
2. A big, ugly, and extinct lizard.

The web of the late ‘90s is almost unrecognizable to the web now. Back at the turn of the century, the web was a wide open frontier, a near-blank canvas, and a primordial soup with all sorts of squiggly bits trying their best to grow feet. Squiggly bits like Geocities and Angelfire, that paved the way not only for web designers (like myself) but for the social networking Goliaths like Facebook and Twitter that we see today. The squiggly bits of yester-decade were faced with a very Darwinistic dilemma: evolve or be displayed as the dinosaur bones in an online museum.

New to Dzama: Coffee

Originally written for Fuzednotions.com

I’ve never seen the appeal of drinking hot water that has been drained through dried beans, and usually I prefer my beverages to have more redeeming qualities than “bitter.” In fact, my first time drinking coffee left me nothing but disgusted, heart-burnt, and “halitosified” for weeks after. However, after getting harassed and berated by Sue and Cassie for not being “one of those people,” I gave into peer pressure (because I’m all about integrity) and decided to give this caffeinated bean-water (or “nice warm hug” as Sue describes it) another try.