Photo of a tiki mug with the Dzama logo floating beside


15 second exposure with a light behind a stencil. Taken for an Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project. Right-click and “Save As” here to download the wallpaper version.

Rules can be broken but never ignored

David Jury

A Conversation on Skype

Rye Man: Go on Skype, I wanna send you something.
Dzama: How exactly do you think I’m talking to you right now?

Social Experiment: McDonalds (Reinventing the Line)

So I’ve noticed lately that people around this area seem to have forgotten that essential skill we all learned in kindergarten: that being how to form and maintain a line. I’m not sure if this is happening everywhere, but it has definitely become a pandemic in all major fast food joints here in Sault Ste. Marie.

Rye Man: Naked on Balcony

The Rye Man gets caught naked on his balcony.

“Haha, don’t be surprised if I get evicted from my apartment. Never f***in’ drink beer, f***in’ decide to tan bare ass naked on your balcony, and f***in’ read a book.”

~ The Rye Man