About Dzama

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What you need to know

I’ve actually been throwing around ideas as to what this website will eventually be. So far, it’s still a coin hovering in an indefinite toss. Maybe in time it will eventually pull itself out of the primordial slime and evolve into something of structure, but right now it’s having too much fun to leave the pool just yet.

I guess, on a superficial level, it’s a digital doppelgänger of a Bowler hat sporting, tiki mug collecting, epic beard wearing self-proclaimed “Soooper Genius.”

This site is:

A creative vent
A local lens
A really horrible news source

This site does not:

  • Take itself seriously
Wear a business suit
  • Present a true portfolio
Like the term “Professional”
  • Have a mullet (but likes the concept behind it)

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