Mid-Month Mixtape - March 2013

Mixtape – March 2013

Happy St. Patty’s day! If after last night you’re not feeling some adverse after effects of green beer, you’re doing it all wrong. For those who did it right, here’s some hangover therapy for your pounding head… Just — not too loud alright… And since when has the sun been so damn bright…

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Jackie — Scott Walker
Beelzebub — Black Pistol Fire
I Walk on Gilded Splinters — Johnny Jenkins
Crows Feet — Black Pistol Fire
Black and Yellow — Wiz Khalifa
Mr. Hangman — The Stone Foxes
Red Lights — Wake Up Lucid
I’m Good — DJ Format
They Might Say — La fine équipe & Mattic
Positive Contact — Deltron 3030
That’s Not Really Funny — Eels
Gypsy Doodle — Analogik
Next To Me (Feat. Hubert Tubbs) (The Dining Rooms Remix) — Wolf Myer Orchestra & Parov Stelar
Catgroove — Parov Stelar
Sun Sets West — little hurricane
Fever — Precious Bryant
Im A King Bee — The Stone Foxes
Beneath Mt. Sinai — The Stone Foxes
Crocodile Tears — little hurricane
Positive Contact (Charlie Clouser remix) — Deltron 3030
D-Town Tabernacle Choir — Dabrye
Hot Mess — Black Pistol Fire
Mission — Beats Antique
Show Me How to Live — Audioslave
Ya’ll Want A Single — Koßn
Pony [Album Version] — Ginuwine
Butterfly — Crazy Town
Hypnotize — The Notorious B.I.G.

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