Mid-Month Mixtape – Dec 2012

Mid-Month Mixtape – December 2012 (End of the World Edition)

Good morning wasteland. So, once again the world is ending and I think it’s serious this time: I mean, Cthulhu doesn’t usually send me a Christmas Card. Always gets me thinking though, what kinda tunes should I be listening to while the Flooding/Asteroid/Fire and Brimstone/Pandemic/Nuke/Economic Failure is threatening my existence? Answer: These. So, be sure to apply you sunscreen VERY liberally, sit back and melt (hopefully not in a literal sense) to this apocalyptic playlist.

And as always — remember to support these artists, and buy their music.

Highlights this month:

  • Commercial Property – Psyche Origam
  • Judgement Day – Scott H. Biram
  • I Know a Woman (feat. Astrid Van Peeterssen, Andrre) – Degiheugi
  • A Sad State of Affairs (feat. George the Poet) [Jenome Remix] – The Herbaliser
  • Falling – The Dad Horse Experience
  • Chevrotine – La Danse du Chien
  • Les Cornichons – Nino Ferrer

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