An Interview with… well — me.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with Alec Marko: a student looking to gain some insight into the design industry. He had questions; I had long-winded answers. I highly recommend checking out his blog as he writes a hell of a lot more often than I do. For those wondering what the content of those long-winded answers was, I’ve included the full interview below.

What has been a unique challenge you have faced while becoming a Graphic Designer?

The biggest challenge getting into the field for me was mastering things I hadn’t been formally trained in (but it’s also the thing I love most about the job). Six years later and I’m still learning things at a rate that makes my brain feel like it’s had a run through a Quiznos toaster oven.

If you’re like me and end up working in a small design firm, be prepared to be more than a designer. Specialists are probably great in large firms, but in smaller firms we don’t have the counterspace for a unitasker. I don’t expect you to know everything, but I expect you to learn fast and never stop.

Have faith in your ability to learn. I tell every design student the same thing:
“You’d be surprised how fast you learn something, when you’re put in a situation where you have to.”

Oh, and if you’re looking for a place to start, get comfortable with code. One way or another, you’re going to need it.

Mixtape – Best of 2013

Mixtape – Best of 2013

2013 was a good year, musically and otherwise. While the yield this year of 462 tracks collected came no where near 2012’s 729 tracks,  it’s quality over quantity right? Out of those 462, I’ve selected 32 tracks that stood out from the rest; a best of 2013. All of the tracks below went above and beyond the call of duty — but before we get to them:

Picture of the Meat Pies still in the muffin tin.

Little Meat Pies (Recipe)

Ok, hear me out for a second. I know I’m not usually a source of amazing cooking tips (in fact, Kraft Dinner sometimes throws me for a loop), but this is one of my all-time favourite recipes. Seriously, these things are amazing and really easy to make.

Mid-Month Mixtape - March 2013

Mixtape – March 2013

Happy St. Patty’s day! If after last night you’re not feeling some adverse after effects of green beer, you’re doing it all wrong. For those who did it right, here’s some hangover therapy for your pounding head… Just — not too loud alright… And since when has the sun been so damn bright…

And as always — remember to support these artists, and buy their music.

Mixtape – Feb 2013

Mixtape – February 2013

And now back to our regular scheduled programming. Hopefully you can still hear after last month. Plus, a little tinnitus never hurt anyone… Well, okay maybe it did — either way here is some smooth tunes that will aid in the healing process, with a bit of the heavy stuff mixed in to keep the withdrawal pain at bay. I recommend taking once daily at (or after) work.

And as always — remember to support these artists, and buy their music.

Mid-Month Mixtape - January 2013

Mixtape – Jocelynn’s Metal Mix

As some of you may or may not know, I’m a recovering metalhead. So when my friend Jocelynn asked me if I could recommend some bone-crushing tunes for her — well, needless to say, I dove off the wagon and into the bowels of my iTunes Library. The things I found there were not for the faint hearted; some of it — all too heavy to ever see the light of day again. This list encompasses the best of my library of metal. If you’re looking to get into metal, this is a good place to start building those callouses up on your ear drums. But as said at the beginning of Fear Factory’s Edgecrusher, “… listener discretion is advised.”

And as always — remember to support these artists, and buy their music.

Mid-Month Mix Tape - Best of 2012

Mixtape – Best Songs of 2012

Alright, all of these songs weren’t made in 2012 (in fact I’m not sure if any of them were), but instead these are the best of the songs pulled from the mixtapes in 2012. Listen in awe of the brilliance of each track; Each one hand selected without any thought toward genre or era, because truly timeless music shouldn’t be defined by either. They are listed in no particular order. And if after listening you are not running to iTunes to grab these tracks, I don’t know what to say to you…

Mid-Month Mixtape – Dec 2012

Mid-Month Mixtape – December 2012 (End of the World Edition)

Good morning wasteland. So, once again the world is ending and I think it’s serious this time: I mean, Cthulhu doesn’t usually send me a Christmas Card. Always gets me thinking though, what kinda tunes should I be listening to while the Flooding/Asteroid/Fire and Brimstone/Pandemic/Nuke/Economic Failure is threatening my existence? Answer: These. So, be sure to apply you sunscreen VERY liberally, sit back and melt (hopefully not in a literal sense) to this apocalyptic playlist.

And as always — remember to support these artists, and buy their music.

Highlights this month:

  • Commercial Property – Psyche Origam
  • Judgement Day – Scott H. Biram
  • I Know a Woman (feat. Astrid Van Peeterssen, Andrre) – Degiheugi
  • A Sad State of Affairs (feat. George the Poet) [Jenome Remix] – The Herbaliser
  • Falling – The Dad Horse Experience
  • Chevrotine – La Danse du Chien
  • Les Cornichons – Nino Ferrer
Mid-Month Mixtape - Nov 2012

Mid-Month Mixtape – November 2012

Ooof, it’s only November and already the winter gloom is getting to me. I need a pick me up, and these tunes should do just that. Hell, this month we’re starting off with a Mr. Scruff tune. I don’t think it’s possible to listen to Mr. Scruff and not be in a better mood. I know his “Make us a brew” tea does it for me. Combine that with his music and you’ve got the perfect remedy for the winter blues.

And as always — remember to support these artists, and buy their music.

Highlights this month:

  • Do What You Wanna (Mr. Scruff’s Soul Party Remix) – Ramsey Lewis & Mr. Scruff
  • Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby? (Rae and Christian Remix) – Dinah Washington
  • What Makes A Good Man? – The Heavy
  • B-Boy on Wax (feat. Speech Defect) – Wax Tailor
  • Off the Grid – Beastie Boys
  • Cryland – Don Cavalli
Mid-Month Mixtape – October 2012

Mid-Month Mixtape – October 2012

You know why it sucks to be an adult in October? There’s no more getting free candy, now you gotta give that sh!t away. Anyway, here’s some tunes to take you mind off candy and satisfy that sweet tooth for now.
Plus — there’s always leftovers at least, right?

And as always — remember to support these artists, and buy their music.

Highlights this month:

  • This Is My Life – Firewater
  • Cheney Lane – Nostalgia 77
  • The Distance – Cake
  • Hollywood Swinging – Kool & the Gang
  • Bad Boogie Ballin’ – Pink Mountaintops
  • When It Falls – Zero 7
  • Barely In Love – Q-Tip